WOLF Watch Products

A product that has always been considered at the peak of luxury is a designer watch. Those who sport a Rolex or Tag Heuer on their wrist are considered at the peak fashion. However, considered even more classy and luxurious is having a variety of accessories for your top of the range watch. This blog post will look at the WOLF watch products, including WOLF watch winders and WOLF watch boxes, assessing whether they are as high quality as they claim and whether you should invest in these accessories for your beloved watches.

round silver-colored chronograph watch with brown leather strap

The WOLF Range

WOLF have been manufacturing their range of watch accessories since 1834. As a family run business, they have had 5 generations running the company successfully and continue to produce the highest quality watch rolls, winders and boxes.

WOLF Watch Rolls

The WOLF Watch Roll range includes a variety of leather watch rolls perfect to travel across the UK and internationally. They are structured in such a way that protect your prized possessions when travelling abroad but to also display them in a way that you can access them easily and see which one would suit your attire best.

WOLF also have a range of watch rolls that hold just one watch if you are at the beginning of your collection or prefer to travel with just one watch. Again, these are in a range of leather styles and protect your watch well.

WOLF Watch Winders

To add to their extensive watch roll range, there is also a range of WOLF watch winders. As with most watch winders, you should keep your watches in hear when you are not wearing them to keep them ticking. The mechanism turns the watches throughout the day and also provides your watch with a safe storage area. As the UKs biggest range of watch winders, there’s not much WOLF has done wrong. With a range of colours and materials, there is a WOLF watch winder to suit all budgets and collections.

WOLF Watch Boxes

Finally, this marvellous company also provide WOLF watch boxes, to store your watches at home while keeping them on display and easily accessible. The boxes have a glass top so you can view the watches without smudging any of the watches and a sturdy casing to prevent any damage whether that be light damage or physical. This is perfect for people with an extensive collection as it allows you to display them all in one handy cabinet.